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Note: 6/15/13 – This post was something I originally wrote and shared on my father’s carepage three years ago 6/15/10 during his cancer journey. I am reposting it here on my blog unedited.


Andrea’s Post – Part 2: “A Time to Laugh”

Posted Jun 16, 2010 12:00am

Today, Tuesday, June 15, 2010 is my parents’ 37th anniversary. (I’m just getting this done before midnight, so it’s still officially their big day). I’ll get to more on that later…

In my previous post (part 1 of 2) I said that last Thursday, with its difficult news, felt like “a time to weep” – and we have certainly shed tears over these days, as we grapple with the future. God knew we were going to need a vacation, and fortunately, that was planned way in advance. So, in a difficult time, we’ve been transplanted out into the beauty of creation, surrounded by loving, fun family members and given the opportunity to rest and relax. It truly has also been, by the grace of God, “a time to laugh”.

I thank God for the joys of life and the gift of family. On Sunday Mom and Dad and Nate and I and the kids went to Holland for worship at Maple Avenue Ministries, where Nate and I belonged for 3 years during seminary. Towards the beginning, CJ Grier added a song that as far as I could tell he hadn’t planned on, called “God Is Here” – I’m so thankful for worship leaders that listen to Holy Spirit promptings:

“There is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary
There is a stillness in the atmosphere
O come, lay down the burdens you have carried
For in the sanctuary God is here.

He is here, God is here
To break the yoke and lift the heavy burden
He is here, God is here
To heal the hopeless heart and bless the broken.

O come, lay down the burdens you have carried
For in the sanctuary God is here”

The music and the prayers and the Word spoke to our souls in need of God. Afterwards Ms. Maggie (or better, Mother Maggie) and myself and Mom sat around Dad and laid hands on him and Maggie prayed for healing. My favorite line that she often prays is for blessing and healing and the Spirit’s anointing, “from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet,” and for me there was something powerful and comforting about hearing those familiar words spoken over Dad. I left feeling filled and renewed.

Sunday afternoon Randal and Jairus (Liz was home recovering from illness) and also Rick and Shari joined us at the campground and we had a fantastic dinner – steaks from the grill, fresh fruit, asparagus, and more – we love to eat! We had fun passing Jairus around, all captivated by his every move and sound, thrilled when we’re rewarded with a smile, and laughing when for a while he wouldn’t let anyone come near him except his daddy (he did finally get used to Nate toward the end of the visit). Laughter and family and good food are a great combination! Especially when there’s dessert.

13437_426121639466_2244388_nSpeaking of dessert…I said I would get back to the anniversary celebration: Monday a bunch more of the Hutt clan came out to the campground for the day, so my grandparents were there, and all of my mom’s sisters, along with some of their children and grandchildren. Dad went golfing with Nate and my Uncle Bernie in the afternoon, which always makes for a great day. In the early evening, we were all sitting in a big circle around the campfire when my aunt and cousin brought out a cake and led us to start singing “Happy Anniversary” to my parents. It was a total surprise!

I still remember celebrating their 30th – they didn’t want a big party with a bunch of people, they felt too young for that – they said wait until their 40th. So at their 30th it was just our immediate family going out to a fancy dinner in Grand Haven, and I remember I was pregnant with Noelle – the first grandchild on the way. Seven years later, we’ve added a sister-in law, with another officially joining the family in August, and the total grandchildren is up to three! Blessings abound in the growing Meyering clan, and this year we’ve been celebrating life every chance we can get.

13437_426121654466_1164904_nMonday’s impromptu anniversary celebration was another chance to celebrate life. It was so much fun – there just might be something magical in that sugary fluff, because it felt like any troubles and worries were lifted for a few hours and our hearts were filled with genuine joy and laughter. My guess is on God’s Spirit bringing restoration and abundant life to hurting hearts, and just happened to use dessert as the creative catalyst. As you can see, the blue frosting from the cake gave us some good laughs when we noticed all the lips and teeth and tongues beaming blue. Everyone was sticking out their tongue and laughing at each other’s silly look. My parents look giddy with a sugar high like little kids!

Micah snatched Grandpa’s hat and claimed a shark ate it (and then later spat it back up!)

 After that we went for a walk to the beach lookout, hoping to see a sunset. Not much of one, but we had good family time and took some nice pictures, and Micah had lots of fun riding on his grandpa’s shoulders for a “rollercoaster ride” and giggling when he snatched his hat and wore it himself. I love the picture with both my mom and dad in the middle of laughing.

My parents’ deep love and sweet tender affection for one another was so evident throughout the evening and they seemed to be so thoroughly enjoying each other and these moments.

Yes, on some days it is a time to weep. But on many other days, it is a time to laugh. And let’s not forget a time to dance…Micah was even practicing his moves in the trailer tonight – because the Meyerings are gonna break it down on the dance floor at that August wedding.

Mom and Dad, I hope you had a great anniversary today and a wonderful celebration together tonight. We love you.

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