The Week After

Note: 4/4/16 – This post was something I originally wrote and shared on my facebook page five years ago 4/4/11. I am reposting it here on my blog unedited.


The four of us laid out on the deck under the stars Saturday night snuggled in sleeping bags (Micah’s idea to look at God’s beautiful creation). I’m thinking about my dad a lot in everything I’m doing – remembering many things I love about him and special times shared, especially recently. Feelings of sadness are starting to sink in deeper with the reality of him not being here for the future, but I’m going to try to savor the joys of life in his honor, as he did, and as he would want us to do.

Still really sad though, hard to believe the cancer journey is over and he’s gone (from earth). Yet I feel a spiritual closeness to him through God, a new connection to God as heavenly Father, as my beloved earthly father is now in the perfect presence of God’s unconditional love. I hoped, but didn’t know for sure that I would feel that, and I’m grateful. I haven’t known and experienced the communion of saints in such a personal way until now.

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