3 years gone

Today March 27 is 3 years since my dad passed away. I had hoped to have time to write one or more lengthier posts this week about “death-iversaries” and “compounded grief” but this day is now into late night and I have 3 other projects/deadlines looming.

The practical is pressing in to the sentimental and the luxury of reflection gives way to the necessity of production at least for the next few days. So for now I’ll share this link which has my dad’s Life Story in full written form, the Life Story video (which had me weeping yesterday), a eulogy by my brother, the memory folder with great pictures, and many written memories (which had me laughing yesterday) left by friends and family.

And also his obituary and these guestbook memories on a different site which were, not surprisingly, both funny and touching to read.

He is an incredible man and I miss his presence in the here and now. Thanks for listening, reading, watching, and remembering.

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