Godly Women

You never know when God is going to give you a big reminder of your purpose and calling!

Today I was sitting poolside at my aunt’s house, checking my phone, when I read an email from a woman who had heard me preach a sermon back in February. She was writing all these months later to tell me how much that particular message meant to her and to ask if there was a recording so she could listen again. Her words were such an unexpected gift and incredible affirmation and encouragement of my ministry and God’s work through me. She ended with this:

Please don‘t ever take your responsibility as a preacher lightly. Among other things, you are the role model that some little girl needs to give her the courage to explore the possible calling that she has to spread the Good News.

I was filled with gratitude for this timely letter which seemed a message straight from God, reminding me of the importance of using my gifts and stories for God’s glory. I admit, this was a harder sermon for me. The topic and title of the message were assigned to me as part of a series, and I struggled with what exactly I should say. When I listened to it afterwards, I felt a little self-conscious. I even asked some colleagues whether they post sermons online that they only feel “so-so” about. My inner critic is good at nit-picking things both big and small…so I never posted the link.

Today, however, I am reminded that what one considers “so-so” may be very powerful to another, and that it is the Holy Spirit’s job to activate the Word in our hearts and lives. So I am posting the recording that she asked to hear again, and will share here in the hopes that someone else may also need to hear something from God through it. Below the video is an outline for your listening assistance.

GODLY WOMEN – preached by Andrea DeWard at inSpirit Church, February 16, 2014

0:00     Introduction

12:06     Three struggles that women in particular may face in the pursuit of godliness:

       1. Finding our identity in other relationships rather than in Christ

18:00     2. Our temptation to compare, compete, and criticize

Romans 12:1-3, Titus 2:3, 1 Timothy 3:11, Philippians 4

28:50     3. Focusing on our outward appearance versus our inward beauty

1 Peter 3:3, 1 Timothy 2:9, Proverbs 31

35:15     Conclusion

Isaiah 53, Titus 2:11

41:14     Closing Prayer


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