Write 31 Days (or 39 Weeks?)

focus*whisper font* 

So…I’m apparently approaching what some would call “middle” age. (Shhhh.) I’m turning 39 this month, just one year away from the big 4!!!!-0.

Join me as I #Write31Days to bring focus to my next year of life, embracing each day as a fresh start and new opportunity to Go Show Love. Come back each day this month for a great read and a bonus soundtrack!

Update [SEVEN WEEKS later]:

Yeah, my “focus” is clear all right…clearly this endeavor wasn’t accomplished within one month’s time. I know, I know, you’re not surprised; neither am I. But I REFUSE to be defeated.

I could shrink away in embarrassment that once again I have declared my big bold hopes yet not fulfilled my goals…OR I can continue to set new goals and NEVER GIVE UP. That’s what I choose.

NEW GOAL. 39 posts by October 12, 2016 (the day I proudly turn 40.)

Update [ONE YEAR later]:

Yeah…about that goal…

I’ll be honest. I’ve never been very goal-oriented or goal-driven. My blessing and my struggle is that I live life one day at a time. I’m very good at being in the moment. And I’m not very good at thinking ahead. You know – what to have for dinner, what to wear for work, what to buy for Christmas.

I’ve written many things in the past year – but most of them aren’t finished, aren’t published. They are snippets and paragraphs and pages saved in my iPhone notes or computer files or scrawled in a notebook.

“It’s DAY ONE of the rest of my life” October 1, 2015

“This is the FIRST DAY of the rest of your life” October 12, 2016