Messy Me Makeover

I’m both terrified and eager to share my “Messy Me Makeover” journey over the next 31 days as I participate in #Write31Days. My link is the very first one in the “House and Home” category!

This is the landing page where the links to all 31 posts will be added daily (see bottom).

I have some amazing before and after pictures to share. (Some projects I’ve already been working on this year, while other tasks are yet to be accomplished and photo-journaled.)

Even though I’m hesitant about doing this, I’m not going to let shame hold me back. I want to show solidarity with others who are struggling and encourage anyone who is in the midst of climbing out of their messes like I am.

If you have a “me too” or “way to go” comment, please share! It helps to feel connected and not alone.

If you have a “not me, I have all my ducks in a row…” or “that’s terrible, you should get your act together” comment, please just kindly skip it, thanks. I assure you, I’ve got plenty of self-loathing about this without any one else’s judgment added to the weight.

See you back here soon! And thanks so much for reading. It means a lot.


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