Day 1 – Messy Me Makeover (Introduction)

Well, I’m plunging in again to the 2017 Write 31 Days Challenge.

Here’s why.

Friday night we went to a high school football game. At half-time we watched the marching band and dance team perform. One of our friends shared that she played the trumpet in marching band in high school. My sweet husband then proudly told our friends that I was on my high school’s dance team. Lest they be too impressed, I held to my value of authenticity and confessed that I was only on the team my senior year – AFTER trying out and getting CUT my freshman AND sophomore AND junior years.

They were at least impressed that I’m not a quitter (well, in some things).

Sharing that story reminded me that I do have the capacity for determination and perseverance within me, even though I can get discouraged by repeated failures. I wish I could succeed and soar the first time at everything, but I don’t.

That’s why I’m participating in Write 31 Days, EVEN THOUGH I tried to do the Write 31 challenge the past two years and did not follow through (ahem). I’m trying again, (again). I’m not going to quit writing in life because I love to write and it’s important to me.

So please join me for my MESSY ME Makeover during the month of October!

All the posts will be linked here.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1 – Messy Me Makeover (Introduction)

    1. Andrea Post author

      Thanks for stopping by to read and comment, Tiffany. I’m already having a lot of fun with this series. I went to your blog link, and to answer your question, yes, you should start writing there! I’ve had so many starts and stops and re-starts but it’s so worth it to pick it back up again.

      1. Tiffany

        Greatly enjoyed your “Disdain for Dishes…” articles. And your article on your father’s great love…? Tears. What a gift.
        My gift of a grandfather traveled home to Heaven very unexpectedly at the end of this past spring– and we all miss him and his love for each of us~ his family… i was moved by your expressed longing for heaven now at times~ I feel that ache often, as well. {*The thought the Lord has comforted me with over and over since his passing is that He– the Lord– had looked forward to that day at the end of April– He’d known all along– all throughout my grandfather’s beautiful 82 years— that that would be the day He would welcome him home.~ What amazing Love. He perfectly numbers our days. <3}

        Looking forward to that day! 🙂

        Sincerely, amen.

        P.S. Enjoying your series– it is the first of all 340-something from this year that I have read entirely & have commented on!~ 🙂 *Blessings to you today~!

        1. Andrea Post author

          Oh that’s so hard to lose someone close to you. One of the reasons I started sharing my writing publicly was to process my grief and to help others in their grief journeys. There is a solidarity there when you’ve experienced great loss and it’s good to know you’re not alone. Thanks for sharing about your grandpa, and what a beautiful image God has given to comfort you! I love that thought.
          Thank you so much for reading Tiffany, and for commenting. It’s encouraging to know that someone connects with your thoughts and feelings when you put them out there, sometimes in risky ways. Blessings to you too!

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