Day 2 – Disdain for Dishes Part 1 (A Story about Mom)

Messy Me Makeover Day 2

We didn’t have an automatic dishwasher when I was a child, so it was basically automatic that Mom did them – by hand – for our family of six. Not that this is fair or how it should be, but that’s how it was in those years.

Nearly every night she’d make a hot and hearty meat-and-potatoes dinner for us, and afterwards she’d submerge her hands into scalding hot water with the liquid dish soap foaming into bubbly peaks.

No gloves.

Those are some strong farm girl/nursing home aide/mother-of-four hands. Hands that know how to work hard and care tenderly.

I have a faint memory of standing beside her, gingerly taking the slippery, sudsy items as she passed them over, and rinsing them carefully under the faucet (with MUCH cooler water).

This didn’t happen very often though, as she reminded me today…

Clearly, I’ve had a disdain for dirty dishes from an early age. Too many ick factors…

  • The sight of spoiled milk, soggy cereal, and sticky spoons in morning breakfast bowls. Blech.
  • The slimy surprise of cold gravy or congealed ketchup on the underside of stacked dinner plates. Uggh.
  • The chagrin and discomfort of a wet middle when waist-level clothing becomes a sponge along the counter edge. Grrr.
  • The stank of crusty dishcloths WAY overdue for the laundry. Gag.
  • The mushy chunks of food waiting to be fished out of the drain. Eww.

I guess you could say I have sensory issues when it comes to kitchen messes…but that doesn’t mean I can get away with doing zero dishes in my life (though I’ve seriously tried – just ask my college roommates). Thus, the need for a Messy Me Makeover!

Tune in for Part 2 tomorrow when I’ll share a story about my dad and Part 3 when I’ll show some recent before and after pics of my epic kitchen messes (the real dirt you’ve been waiting for).

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5 thoughts on “Day 2 – Disdain for Dishes Part 1 (A Story about Mom)

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  4. Linda

    I experience that same yuck factor with kitchen messes. Most things go into the dishwasher, but not all. I do handwash (with gloves) wine glasses and anything else that finish that can’t stand the dishwasher detergent. Looking forward to reading the rest of the month.

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