Day 4 – Disdain for Dishes Part 3 (A Story about Me)

Messy Me Makeover Day 4

First, let’s be real – it’s a lot more fun to WRITE about [not] doing dishes than it is to actually DO the dishes. And full disclosure, I don’t even take care of most of the dishes around here. My amazing husband does. We’ve been married 18 years and in that time we’ve settled into a rhythm; he does the dishes and I do the laundry, both piles of dirty things that replenish themselves automatically.

His job is consuming though, with long days and additional travel in the spring and fall. So I do need to step up sometimes beyond the simple part of clearing and washing the island counter (something I actually like to do). This was one of those times in July when we’d been busy with other stuff all weekend and by Monday it was out of control.

Before Pic – July 24. Wrote on Facebook, “For the record, I do not want to tackle this. Golden Oldies are my motivating soundtrack but I’m forcing myself. Ugh.”

I shared the before photo on Facebook. I wanted to publicly register my official protest to life’s messes, a cry for help as if my kitchen was demanding forced labor against my will. (PSA: Forced labor is a REAL problem in the world. I, however, am only a victim of my own demise.) My friends’ comments in response were encouraging and supportive, which is also what I needed. So I worked and made a dent in it at least, sharing another photo later in the afternoon.

Sorta After Pic – July 24. Wrote on Facebook, “Slight progress. Dishwasher full and running. Kid took out trash and recycling. One step at a time.”

It was an improvement but honestly it wasn’t until 3 days later that our kitchen finally looked presentable again. My husband had left on a camping trip with our daughter, and I got re-energized to get some stuff done around the house while they were gone. I felt so good about it that I took a true after pic (I know, I know, to you really organized clean people, this looks very cluttered still – remember, it’s all relative).

After Pic – July 27. This counts as success in my book.

It’s hard. It just is. I really am trying to learn something during this Messy Me Makeover, though, so on Day 1 of this challenge (Oct. 1) I set out to do an experiment. My marvelous hubby had already washed the mountainous pile of dishes the night before, but there were so many that the clean dishes not only filled the dishwasher, but also the dish rack and counter.

Before Pic Oct. 1 – Clean dishes on counter, in dish rack, and in dishwasher all waiting to be put away.

I decided to actually time how long it would take me to put the kitchen back together while my family was out for the day. I posted the before pic on Instagram and my daughter made me laugh with her comment.

I put on some music (Golden Oldies on Pandora again), started the stopwatch feature on my phone, and got to work.

  • put away clean dishes from counter, dish rack, and dish washer (thank you for washing all these, Nate!)
  • organize cupboards and drawers in the process for anything that’s currently in the wrong place and make sure everything gets into its right place (anyone else create systems that some in the family don’t quite follow as much as you’d like?)
  • scrub dishes that still have stubborn food residue and put in rack to dry (disdain for “clean” dishes that aren’t deserves its own post…)
  • load new dirty dishes into dishwasher rather than leave them in the sink (because while this seems obvious, we’re terrible.)
  • wash down counter top (yay, I love getting to this point!)
  • sweep floor (why not, I was on a roll.)

After Pic – Oct. 1. Clean put away, dirty in the dishwasher, re-washed stuff in the rack to dry.

It felt great! I was surprised that I got so much done in a reasonable amount of time – it didn’t take me all day. Day 1 was a great start to the Messy Me Makeover, right? Well…

Today is Day 4. And since Sunday afternoon, no one has added more dirty dishes to the dishwasher. Instead, it’s Wednesday and they’re all piled up again. So here’s what’s staring at me since this morning.

Before Pic – Oct. 4. I had to make myself a smoothie this morning just to gear myself up for this mess. Except it’s 12 hours later and I haven’t touched it yet…like I said, writing is so much more fun!

That sink? Overflowing and smelly.
Those plates in the center of the counter? Congealed ketchup.
See post from Day 2. It’s a real thing and I dislike it.

This is the reason that doing dishes never truly feels like a win. Because even though I had a sense of accomplishment a few days ago, I am back to looking at another gross mess again.


Tomorrow’s a new day!

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10 thoughts on “Day 4 – Disdain for Dishes Part 3 (A Story about Me)

    1. Andrea Post author

      Thanks! The kitchen is definitely one of the things that made me fall in love with our home. The colors make me happy.

    1. Andrea Post author

      Hahaha that’s awesome, thanks! I was gone so much this afternoon and evening that I’m still working on it now. I had spent some time earlier today updating and fixing other things on my website for instance some posts that didn’t show up right on phones compared to computer. So now I’m a little behind! Thanks for checking, you made my day!

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  2. Linda

    Everything is temporary. Dirty dishes get clean, then clean dishes get dirty. It is a vicious cycle. We do what we can do to stay on top of it. Congrats on your successes.

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