Day 5 – Disdain for Dishes Part 4 (The Last Scraps)

Messy Me Makeover Day 5

I love watching the deleted scenes of movies in the “Bonus Features” section on DVDs. Occasionally I watch certain ones and think it’s probably better that some of those slower or random sections were left out. Usually, though, I enjoy seeing another aspect of the dialogue, plot, or characters and think it must be kind of frustrating for the actors and directors to go through the work of filming something only to have portions cut from the final movie.

Writing can be like that too. Sometimes I work on writing a certain section, but then when I read it all together with what comes before or after, it doesn’t really mesh. Good writing, but not in line with the whole piece. So what to do? Delete? So painful! I’ve never come across a “deleted scenes” bonus feature for a book but we can safely assume a lot of good writing probably got left on the editing floor of many a best-seller.

Gotta tell ya, when I started writing about my “Disdain for Dishes” on Monday, I had no idea that I would generate enough material to spend four whole days on something as mundane as dishes. I have so many other topics to cover (or more accurately, uncover beneath all my clutter!) and I’m eager to move on tomorrow.

Time for the last scraps.

I have a couple snippets of writing from the past few days that didn’t quite fit anywhere so I saved them in a separate document to possibly use later. There probably won’t be any other time to share these random thoughts (I mean, how often do you write about dishes?) so tonight I’m serving leftovers. Take it or leave it, kids!

Part 1 started with me saying my family didn’t have an automatic dishwasher when I was a child. We also didn’t grow up with a microwave or an in-sink garbage disposal. We’ve already established that mushy food stuck in the drain is nasty – so in our house, leftover cereal with milk got poured in the toilet. And it was the only toilet for six people. Still. Nasty. Let’s just say I couldn’t really stomach eating or even looking at a bowl of soggy Cheerios for many years.

Yesterday I mentioned something that deserves its own post – dishes that are supposedly clean but clearly aren’t. Are you with me?

  • Stubborn coffee and tea stains inside the rims of fresh mugs. No thanks.
  • Dried food particles stuck to silverware before the first bite. New set, please!
  • Chalky film and hard water spots on glasses just out of the cupboard. Come on, now…
  • Crusty brown leftovers baked onto casserole dishes. More elbow grease.
  • Sticky orange residue clinging to cookie sheets. Less greasy grease.

What can I say? It all grosses me out.

For dessert, an epilogue to follow yesterday’s final photo. I shared my despair Wednesday night that dishes once again had multiplied over my counter and were spilling out of the sink, along with a distinct unpleasant smell. This morning, I woke up to this lovely sight!

After Pic Oct. 5 – Nate got up early and left this beautiful gift – dish rack, dishwasher, and counter – ALL CLEAN.

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6 thoughts on “Day 5 – Disdain for Dishes Part 4 (The Last Scraps)

  1. Tiffany

    What a lovely set of left-overs. 🙂 *And what a beautiful gift of a sparkling kitchen– talk about a love note– wow!~ {My husband ~writes the same kind to me. Aren’t we lucky?! <3} Have a great weekend!

  2. Lynn Japinga

    In my recent writing, when I delete stuff I move it to the end of the chapter, and eventually save it into an “Outtakes” file. Makes it easier to delete knowing that you haven’t lost it. And it’s later clear to me that it wasn’t so great anyway! 🙂

    Good for you for writing!

    1. Andrea Post author

      Yeah, whatever I wasn’t using I was cutting and pasting into a different document – my outtakes (I like that word!) I do this all the time to save things for later when I don’t have time to craft it to my liking, but so far I usually don’t go back to work on it more or publish. Way too many half-written things! But it’s all part of the process and will come in handy later I hope. Thanks for reading!

    1. Andrea Post author

      I most certainly am. This process of writing the past week has made me reflect on my blessings and need for cultivating and expressing more gratitude.

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