Day 6 – We have to work at this daily

Messy Me Makeover Day 6

We have this sign hanging in our kitchen, and it has become our family motto and mantra.

Workin’ at all the things.

My husband and I say it to each other often.
Sometimes with a sigh. Sometimes with a wry chuckle. Sometimes with a hug and a promise to commit ourselves more fully.

It starts with WE.
WE have to work at this daily. We remind each other that we’re in this together. No one person shoulders all the burden (or the blame) for whatever work needs to be done. We might feel overwhelmed, but we should never feel alone.

Sometimes HAVE TO is the default choice.
We HAVE TO work at this daily. We can’t just check out – life is too precious, our family too important. If we want ____, then we have to ____. There’s no automatic easy button – we have to do what we have to do, even when it’s hard.

The operative phrase is WORK AT.
We have to WORK AT this daily. It’s not about perfection. We don’t have to “succeed at this daily” or prove ourselves; instead, we work at extending and receiving grace because everyone is a work in progress.

THIS means All. The. Things.
We have to work at [ALL] THIS daily. Housework. Health. Parenting. Purging. Gardening. Gratitude. Marriage. Money. Forgiveness. Faith. It’s ok to take it one step and one day at a time. Just breathe.

My bracelet that never comes off.

DAILY is a never-ending supply of fresh starts.
We have to work at this DAILY. Daily looks like faithfulness, perseverance, new mercies every morning, do-overs at noon, and the permission to take a breath and try again whenever you need it.

This post is dedicated to
Leslie and Burt
in honor of their wedding
October 7, 2017.

Friends, remind each other
with Grace and Peace –
We have to work at this daily.
Go. Show. Love.

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4 thoughts on “Day 6 – We have to work at this daily

    1. Andrea Post author

      Thank you! I told my husband I think this is maybe my favorite thing I’ve written because it was a really cool process to work out my thoughts of what it really means to me as I was writing it. I can’t really put it into words hahaha.

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