Day 7 – Banged Up and Broken Down

Messy Me Makeover Day 7 (I took the weekend off for a wedding and family time and personal rest, so day 7 is now being posted on Oct. 9.)

Last night I put my hand through the glass of my bedroom window.

My hand is fine but the window is not. I didn’t even hit it or fall against it; I barely touched it. Unfortunately, these original 1964 single pane windows are thin and unstable. Many of them have little to no remaining caulk or weather stripping to hold the glass in place against the deteriorating wood frames.

At least two others are already cracked, so it was only a matter of time before one of them broke completely. Still, it happened when I was chasing prankster children out of my room, so I’m definitely giving my kids part of the blame!

To my chagrin, this was the third item added to our “things to fix” list in just the past week!

1) corner plaster by front closet that got banged by something and crumbled off

(Ah, not such a big deal, right? It’ll just go along with all the other gouges around here. Insert eye-roll.)

2) air conditioner that broke down during the last gasps of summery weather

(Hmmm, can I put this off ’til next year when I’ll suddenly remember and rue the first hot day?)

3) bedroom window that’s now daring the coming season’s wintery weather to make an early entrance

(Now what? Replace just the glass or go ahead and replace the whole window?)

Sigh. What’s banged up and broken down in your home?


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4 thoughts on “Day 7 – Banged Up and Broken Down

  1. Tiffany

    We’ve had several stacks of still-in-the-packages new-flooring for the past seven (7!!) months– b/c we did not want to pay someone else to install it. Five stacks in the living room; one stack against the wall in our short, narrow-ish hallway!…. This *is* a “problem” for which I am thankful, though~ 😉 🙂

    Also, a few of our wood blinds do not open. 😛

    Hope you have a nice week~

    1. Andrea Post author

      Thanks! Just saw this now…haven’t been on here writing over the past week. Had to actually work on some stuff rather than just write about it! Let me tell you, we have SO MANY of those kinds of projects around here! I totally get it.

  2. Jeannie

    Less talk, more walk. That’s what I keep telling myself. I do enjoy when you get a chance to reflect and share. You sure have a way of putting emotion to words.

    1. Andrea Post author

      Thanks Jeannie! I love writing, and it helps me process and feels good to connect with other people that way. At the same time, it takes me a long time to write! So I have to balance my energies of writing about life and doing the actual work of life hahaha.

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