Messy Me Makeover


This project began with the 2017 #Write31Days challenge which took place each OctoberI was both terrified and eager to share my “Messy Me Makeover” journey over the course of what I hoped and planned would be 31 days. My link was the very first one in the “House and Home” category that year.

I started out great and was really proud of my writing spree. I stalled out after 7 posts though because I was starting to write about the harder more vulnerable stuff – the emotional reasons behind hoarding, the struggle of an ADHD brain, the shame and embarrassment and fear preventing me from allowing people into my home; I saved those as drafts because I wasn’t ready to publish. It’s rarely easy and it’s usually messy.

Part of my #MessyMeMakeover is pressing in to the discomfort of sharing the messy parts of life – not just my physical home, but my personal lived reality whether past or present. I had hit pause on a few hard posts, hesitant to publish, but when the hashtag #MeToo went viral mid-October of 2017, I decided to share a few stories called “When I say #MeToo” offering some of my own examples. Even though it’s rarely easy and it’s usually messy, it’s also deeply important.

My original Messy Me Makeover topic is still something I want to continue, because it’s a recurring theme of my life that I continue to work on. I have some fun and impressive before, during, and after pictures to share from the past few years of projects I’ve started or completed. And of course there are plenty of other tasks that are yet to be accomplished and photo-journaled.

Even though I’m still hesitant about doing this, I’m not going to let shame hold me back. I want to show solidarity with others who are struggling and encourage anyone who is in the midst of climbing out of their messes like I am.

If you have a “Wow, I can relate!” or “Way to go!” comment, please share. It helps to feel connected and not alone.

If you have a “Not me, I have all my ducks in a row…” or “That’s terrible, you really should get your act together…” thought, I assure you I’ve endured plenty of self-loathing about this and you can be proud of yourself while growing in compassion and grace for someone else whose brain isn’t necessarily wired the same as yours.

See you back here soon! And thanks so much for reading. It means a lot.


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To be continued…

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To be continued…