DeWard Famliy A-S-0167 smallerThank you! Yes YOU!

Thank you for coming here, for giving me the gift of your time, and the privilege of your ear. Whether you’ve known me for many years or you’re “meeting” my face and voice for the first time, I am grateful when I make a meaningful connection with another person in this big busy world.

I’ve been sharing my stories through writing and speaking since I was a teen and it’s “the thing” that makes me feel most alive. My career has given me consistent opportunities for speaking (which I love!) but I haven’t made enough space for writing in my life. It takes me a LONG time, so I need LOTS of space! This is the place, and now is the time.

I’m always starting and re-starting again!

As always,




4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dee Hubbard

    Hello Andrea! I miss you!

    This will be a great space to reconnect and provide me the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level…through your heart space of love. Looking forward to your future posts!

    God bless you,

    1. Andrea Post author

      I haven’t written a whole lot these past two years (at least not much that I posted publicly) but I’m back at it with excitement!

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